The many different activities offered by ASK are made possible by professional and amateur instructors that share our vision of providing exchange opportunities to people of all budgets.

Anna-Marina Sadeghi-Truan



Anna-Marina leads the international choir Singing without borders. In Basel, she also teaches piano, singing, music, movement, and gives workshops in East european Music. She is one half of the duo D‘Schiksn & Goijm. As a member of the Freiburg Jazz Choir, she has performed on stages in Europe, Japan, Korea, and Russia.

Ursina Früh



Ursina is a certified Pilates instructor with many years of teaching experience in Pilates and dance. She loves passing on her passion for movement, seeing her students benefit for their wellbeing. Originally trained as a musical performer, Ursina works as an actress and dancer besides teaching. She loves sports, arts, nature, and traveling and speaks German, English, Spanish, and French.