Membership application

ASK Basel aims to promote contact with each other and the exchange between different and like-minded people, thereby promoting the well-being of its members.
To achieve this, ASK Basel offers sports and cultural programs. 

To benefit from the offers of our association, you have to be a member. With an annual membership fee of only Fr. 120.00, you are in! Partners (same household) pay a contribution of Fr. 180.00 per year. Valid from date of entry.


The membership starts after the first trial lesson at the latest, and it lasts for one year. The membership is automatically extended for another year if it is not canceled by email.

The Statutes are an essential part of the Membership of ASK (in German only).
Statuten ASK Basel 2023.pdf
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Payment by credit card Stripe or PayPal

This is the easiest way to become a member.

Membership Single (1 year from date of entry)

CHF 120.00

Membership partnership (1 year from date of entry)

CHF 180.00


If you like our idea and would like to support our programs, you can register for a Passive-Membership. You will receive an invitation to one yearly ASK Basel-Event. No participation on further activities (Sports, Culture) is included.

Subscription fee per person CHF 60.00, valid 1 year from date of subscription.

Passive-Membership (1 year from date of entry)

CHF 60.00

Pilates Promotion

Limited promotion for Pilates lessons, 10 times within 20 weeks, sold between 14.4. - 19.5.24, limitied to 1 subscription per person. No ASK Basel-membership necessary. For Non-members only.

CHF 150.00

Extra subscription fees

In addition to the membership fee


Seasonal extra subscription fee for choir per Semester (Jan.-Jun. & Aug.-Dec.)

CHF 150.00


Extra subscription fee for Pilates , 10 times within 20 weeks. ASK Basel membership mandatory.

CHF 120.00


Seasonal surcharge Beachvolleyball / Outdoor Football

CHF 30.00

Online Banking




Austausch in Sport und Kultur (ASK)

4000 Basel


Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank

IBAN: CH81 00769401546982001

Kontonummer 4015.4698.2001



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