News about ASK Basel

ASK Basel won the second prize!

ASK does an important work in integration which is being rewarded with the second prize!


After our organization has received the prestigious volunteer award called "Schappo" from the Basel City canton in 2014, we got another milestone. ASK has received this year the second prize  "Basler Integration Award". 


The sponsorship gives the prize  to various organizations and individuals in recognition of the efforts of easing the daily issues of integration into the society, reducing prejudice and fear of contact and advancing equal rights and opportunities of all people living in Basel, regardless of origin , language or lifestyle.


New offers: Volleyball, Kempo, Blackrolls, Yoga and Badminton

New offers and extension the existing sports

From mid-October 2016 ASK introduces two completely new deals in the health sector (Black Rolls and Kempo) as well as two additional courses in volleyball and badminton. Yoga is now offered in the morning for seniors. In the evening, the "youngsters" can take their part.
ASK is growing and therefore we extending our offers for further badminton, volleyball, football opportunities for our members.
Health is becoming increasingly important for us, and therefore ASK is coming with the current new offers.
Those who just want to give it a try are also welcome to join!

Sobramesa - Conversation in Spanish

We will shortly be going on with our Spanish conversation classes. This time we will be holding our get togethers at lunch time (sobramesa). It is easier to speak Spanish next to a nice coffee and a tasty sandwich. a coffee or a sandwich!
We will be meeting on Wednesdays, from October 19, 2016 each week at Unternehmen Mitte in Basel. Registration is necessary, please register under the German homepage.

ASK Basel needs you!

ASK Basel is looking for you!


We are growing and need your support so that we can continue to allow people to exchange and have fun without limit!


Under the new section "Vacancies / Internships" ("Stellen/Praktika" under the German page) ASK would like to motivate people to work for our organization and contribute in some way to the social life in society.


If you do not have the time or the knowledge for any of the advertised positions, please could you cascade this information to your friends, acquaintances or relatives.

Thank you very much for any help you can contribute with!


ASK, founded in April 2011 - celebrates it's 5-year anniversary in 2016


What sounds like a fairy tale, has become a reality. ASK (exchange in sports and culture) came out of nowhere and was founded in April 2011 by a few founding members with zero financial capital on a beautiful spring day in Basel.


The founding members and the creative director Sabri Dogan, (who is the still club president) want to give people the possibility of an informal "exchange" between each other, regardless of their origin, religion, status, age, gender etc. The idea is that people who meet in an informal setting where they can pursue their interests and hobbies, can create bonds and bridges for other people. This way prejudices are broken down.

For an extensive list (by today) of cultural, educational and sport programmes, ASK only requests its members to donate a small representative contribution of 60.00 or  80.00 CHF per annum, and for this amount you are free to enjoy the majority of the activities free of charge.


During these four and a half years, ASK celebrated a lot of its successes. One of our most important achievement was the reception of the "schappo" award from the Association of the Canton of Basel-Stadt, just after three years of operation. 


However, the greatest success for us is that we have more than 250 members who are still faithful to us and in return are rewarded with a rich selection of activities.


ASK was established in the backyard of a Kleinbasel restaurant in April 2011. Throughout the years, the ASK project has grown and also grown up - with potential for more. If ever again someone writes the history of this association, what will definitely stick out is the internal heterogeneity and diversity.


The concept of ASK was never a ready and done plan, but had to be "fought" throughout endless meetings. What do we offer? What are we going to be known for? How do we bring in people from different cultures and encourage tham to share with each other? We had numerous ideas, but who is responsible for implementing them? How can we financially sponsor ourselves? In short, it was not easy. It was followed by many small steps into different directions: sport, culture, language, socializing. Then in Liestal we had a big opportunity. Via the indoor tournament games ASK slowly got known by the public. This was followed by media reports, honors, awards. Winning the schappo Prize 2014. And the story is not over yet. We would like to say a BIG thank you to all of you who have remained loyal either long term or temporarily to us! We are excited to see what else brings this year will bring to us.


ASK is financed by membership fees and donations


ASK maintains itself from membership fees and donations, and has an annual budget of around CHF 20,000.00 - almost impossible.

However, the true capital of the association are our numerous volunteers. They make it possible for us that we have a functioning internal "life" and network, and the existence of our many courses / events. This operation can only be continued to be provided by ASK through the hard work of our helpers.

In 2016, there will also be a lot to experience at ASK. Above all, the five-year anniversary will be celebrated with an exciting event, which you should already put in your agenda.

We are delighted and grateful that with your support we have the opportunity to carry on   and enable more and more unforgettable moments and good times.


ASK Board, Basel


ASK is looking for helpers at different events!

ASK organizes several events for its members  throughout the year and needs your support to conduct all activities successfully

Several events will be organized by ASK in the upcoming months, and it is down to our people how successful they will be.
Be it the two upcoming concerts, ("Singing without borders" and Jonas Grass), the Christmas party, or the "Funhall" tournament in January 2016, ASK needs support in order to succeed in these "major" events.
We would be delighted to receive any help with catering, with the arrangements and organizing, or with the administrative tasks.
Please log in with us and we will discuss all details directly with you.

You can do this on the German site under the title "Ja ich möchte helfen" by clicking on the blue box.

Information about ASK

ASK Basel offers something for everyone.

Sports activities such as jogging, basketball, volleyball and soccer, badminton, floor hockey, sometimes biking and others.
Cultural programs including museum visits, conversation courses in foreign languages, sightseeing tours in the Basel region, interesting lectures and presentations and intercultural events in our new clubhouse.
Take a look into the selection of activities, we are sure you will find something you like.
For any questions, comments or recommendations please feel free to contact us