Again from spring 2020

Hiking Tours


In Spring, Summer and Autumn, we hike through the beautiful Baselbiet, Aargau, Alsace, Schwarzwald or the Jura or other interesting places in Switzerland.


Still open




Further Information:

See German Website.



Valid train ticket, Picknick, solid shoes and possibly a rain protection. The hiking tours are    suitable for everybody.


Registration required.



Hanspeter & Sabri



ASK is looking for helpers for various events!

ASK organizes several events for its members each year and needs your support!


In the coming months, ASK will again organize many events from which its members will benefit.


Whether it is the concert at which the two "Singing without Borders" choirs will perform or the "Christmas Festival" in December, where a supporting program (music, theater performance, choir, etc.) is performed or the funhall tournament in Liestal - ASK needs support , so that these "bigger events" also succeed.


We would appreciate if you could assist us with the catering, installation or administration of these events.


Please get in touch with us and we will be glad to give you more detailed information.