ASK Basel - Where meeting is fun

People from all over the world come together and have fun!
People from all over the world come together and have fun!

An association for everyone in the Area


ASK Basel is an association that promotes exchange between the various population groups in the Basel region. To this aim, ASK Basel offers a variety of cultural and sports activities, which are open to everyone interested, for a small yearly contribution.


Our offer is constantly being extended. The focus is always on sharing experiences, treating each other with respect, having fun, and being open to different activities. Thereby, we promote the physical and psychological well-being of each individual!


We at ASK believe that everyone has the right to have fun. That is why many volunteers work at ASK every day. Everybody, included people with low income, such as those affected by poverty, students and pensioners, can thus have access to a wide selection of sports, education and culture.

Donate to people who have LESS And support our activities!

ASK supports sports, culture and education for all budgets


If you want to support ASK and its many volunteers in the mission of providing sports and cultural exchanges for all budgets, we are happy to receive your donation :-)

It is only with your donation that we can continue to offer all our activities at a reduced price.


Every donation counts!

CHF 5.00