To benefit from our cultural and sports programm and all other acitivities, you have to be a member. By paying a yearly membership fee of Fr. 80.00 for Single persons, you are in. Families or partners living in the same household pay Fr. 100.-- per year only.


Membership starts after the first trial lesson and is valid for one year. ASK-Membership will be renewed automatically if we do not receive a cancelation notification until 1 month before expiry.


ASK Basel offers sports, education and cultural programs.


There are sports acitivites like Jogging, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer and Badminton. Furthermore, we also offer educational and cultural services: visits to Museums, Conversation courses in German, Italian and Spanish, delicious cooking events and cultural knowledge.


ASK Basel would like to encourage the contact between the different and like-minded people and thus  give the members pleasure.

The Statutes are an essential part of the Membership of ASK (in German only).
Statuten ASK Basel2016_1.pdf
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Payment by Paypal (Credit card)


The easiest way to become a member immediately is to pay Fr. 80.00 per year for single persons and Fr. 100.- for Family/Partners (living in the same household). The date of subscription or first use of offers applies.


A confirmation of Membership will be sent by post.


Membership Single person (1 year)

CHF 80.00

Membership Family/Partners (1 year)

CHF 100.00



Simply pay by Onlinebanking and you will receive the documents by post.


You can benefit from our offers as from the date of subscription.  


Payments of Membership fee Single Person Fr. 80.00 and Family/Partners (same house hold)

Fr. 100.00 to:


Verein für Austausch in Sport und Kultur (ASK)

4001 Basel


Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank

IBAN: CH81 00769401546982001

Kontonummer 4015.4698.2001



Please specify your Email address and telephone number in the reference box.

Payment at the post office


Single persons pay Fr. 80.00

per year and Family/Partners Fr. 100.00 (living in the same household). The date of subscription or first use of offers applies.


Complete and send subscription form and wait for mail from ASK. You can use our offers immediately as from the date of subscription.

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