Concert "Eine Reise durch die Welt"

(A Journey across the World)

Singen ohne Grenzen
A journey across the world with focus on the Balkans and international songs.

As from Wednesday 15th November 2017, Tickets can be reserved in advance and picked up on the evening at the entrance to the Concert.

The Program

Choir 'Singen ohne Grenzen' (Basel & Liestal)

The choirs 'Singen ohne Grenzen' (Singing without Borders), which perform their cultural hobby at ASK (exchange in sports and culture), perform 2-3 times a year. They sing songs from all over the world and already have a good reputation in the whole area. In the concerts they are accompanied with background music.

Surprise Street Choir

Since 2009, Surprise sellers and people from other institutions sing together in a choir under professional guidance. Independent practice, regular rehearsals and public concerts encourage social contacts, strengthen self-confidence and a positive attitude towards life.

The Street Choir conducted by Ariane Rufino dos Santos, as the musical director. The Basel multi-instrumentalist combines influences from European folklore, Afro-Brazilian music and African percussion. She regards music as the source of the joy of life for all people.

Youth Choir 'Vivo' of the Basel Music School

In the Youth Choir 'Vivo' of the Basel Music School, about 50 singers from the age of 17-24 years are currently singing. Many members have been singing for a long time in the children's and youth choirs of the Basel music school. The Youth Choir 'Vivo' sings mostly four-voiced a-cappella literature from the folk songs from Switzerland and other countries, popular music and short classical works. The choir is also open to voice experiments of all kinds.


Concert ticket

Eine Reise durch die Welt (a Journey across the World)

CHF 20.00

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Information on the Concert "Singen ohne Grenzen"

The tickets will be send by priority after receipt of payment (electronic Banking, Paypal or invoice).  Tickets can also be picked up at the Box Office on the evening from 19.30h.  Alle Tickets können auch an der Kasse am Konzertabend ab 19 Uhr 30 abgeholt werden. You can also buy tickets at the Box Office in case that not all tickets have been sold in advance .


The entrance fee is meant to cover the high rental costs and the contribution for musicians who perform with the choir and also allows us to reduce the contribution of the choir singers 'Singing without borders'. Therefore: Please spread the word and/or pass the ticket.